Remag Community Values & Guidelines

  • REMAG™ Community Values
  • What Is REMAG About?
  • Community Guidelines

REMAG is for gamers by gamers, where members of all playing styles and genres get awesome recognition for playing and enjoying games together in a unique, inclusive, and safe environment that recognizes all gamers and celebrates their achievements.

Join our community and be your full self


We’re all here together for our shared love of games. We believe in the magic and the fun of playing and pursuing common goals together in a community that supports diversity and welcomes players of all backgrounds and identities.


We care about each other and are committed to building great gaming relationships. We encourage instead of criticizing. We learn together and lift each other up.

Healthy Community by Design

Everything in REMAG reflects our principles and values. We put as much focus on proactively creating a healthy community as we’ve put into creating an outstanding service for all gamers to enjoy.

Gamer Agency

REMAG empowers gamers to create their own customized communities with a variety of options and settings.

Safety & Privacy

Safety and Privacy are equally important to us and are two of the principal pillars on which REMAG was built. We are transparent about what moderation actions we take, with the clear objective of keeping the community safe.

Celebrate & Reward

We are dedicated to creating a community of celebration, positive reinforcement, and highlighting everyday achievements.

Creating a Safe Digital Community for Everyone

  • A community and “family” of gamers, where you are recognized as a player, and where we all lead by example.
  • Here, you can have constructive discussions and learn from each other.
  • Here, you can speak out respectfully and express yourself and your ideas.
  • We help new members with questions and navigating around the REMAG platform.
  • We give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and believe in supporting, educating and providing guidance to anyone who requests assistance.
  • We are all part of the REMAG community. We are committed to creating and maintaining a healthy, inclusive, fun, and welcoming digital space.

Abuse Types:

  1. Bullying/Harassment
  2. Vulgarity/Profanity
  3. Hate Speech
  4. Nudity and Pornography
  5. Drugs and Alcohol
  6. Violence
  7. Personal Identity Info
  8. Private Impersonation and Defamation
  9. Illegal Activities
  10. Content Sexual in Nature
  11. Child Exploitation and Nudity
  12. Self-Harm and Suicide
  13. Extremism
  14. Public Threat
  15. Websites and links

1. Bullying/Harassment:

  • Weaponize views and beliefs to harass, exclude, or degrade other gamers.
  • Bully, harass or talk negatively about other members of the community.
  • Create Gamer IDs to target and harass other gamers.

2. Vulgarity/Profanity:

  • Encourage or entertain the use of inappropriate terms and language, which are vulgar or profane in nature to target or degrade someone, or standalone uses of the terms.
    • Expressing excitement is great, but not at the expense of others.
    • Be mindful of your language while participating in the REMAG community, and in your interactions with young gamers in particular
    • All gamers should lead with good examples of speech and conduct at all times

3. Hate Speech:

  • We do not allow discrimination or any behavior that is disrespectful in any manner on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, caste, national origin, immigration status, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or any other individual characteristic

4. Nudity and Pornography:

  • We do not allow posting or sharing content of individual nudity or of a pornographic nature on, or within, or in connection with, our REMAG platform.

5. Drugs and Alcohol:

  • We do not allow discussions regarding products that contain alcohol or regarding illegal or prescription drugs, nor do we encourage the consumption, purchase or sale of alcoholic products, illegal drugs or prescription on our REMAG platform.

6. Violence:

  • We do not allow the display, performance, or other depiction, advertising, or promotion, of any content that would be deemed violent in nature or any content related to a tragic event or circumstances, whether in the past or that has occurred more recently.

7. Personal Identity Info:

  • Please keep all your personal information private, secret and safe! We respect the identity and vigilantly strive to maintain the safety of all individuals who choose to become members of our REMAG community, and do not allow or encourage the sharing of any personal information, including:
    • full names
    • phone numbers
    • account info
    • street addresses
    • SSN
    • other social network info on our platform

8. Impersonation and Defamation:

  • We do not allow anyone to impersonate or to make any defamatory statements regarding any other individual on our platform, by using any other person’s identity or personal details

9. Illegal Activities:

  • We do not allow discussions regarding, nor do we encourage, promote, or permit anyone to indulge in:
    • Cheating
    • Hacking
    • Griefing
    • Pirating
    • Fraud
    • Spam
    • Scam
    • Blackmail
    • Extortion
    • Any other illegal activities on our platform.
  • Examples: accounts for sale, direct download links, credit card numbers, social security numbers, national insurance number, passwords, etc.

10. Content Sexual in Nature:

  • We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding any activity (whether alone or in coordination with any other persons or entities) that relate, in any manner, to sexual solicitation and/or exploitation, sextortion, NCST (Non-Consensual Sexual Touching) of any kind or nature on our REMAG platform, including:
    • messages or posts that are sexual in nature,
    • indulging in sexual interaction of any form on the platform.
    • Exploitation of any kind that is sexual in nature (e.g., threatening, blackmail, sextortion, etc.

11. Child Exploitation and Nudity:

  • We are completely committed to keeping our platform safe and have a zero-tolerance policy for any activity (whether alone or in co-ordination with any other persons or entities) that relate in any manner to child nudity, child solicitation, child exploitation, and/or child grooming of any kind or nature on our REMAG platform.

12. Self-Harm and Suicide:

  • We do not allow discussions regarding, or the glorification of, self-harm, any form or manner of harm to any others, and/or regarding suicide or any related topics on our REMAG platform.

13. Extremism:

  • We do not allow discussions regarding, or the glorification of, any form of extremism on our REMAG platform.

14. Public Threat:

  • We do not allow comments regarding, or the glorification of, committing, participating in, or promoting, any violent act or conduct, whether legal (e.g., self-defense) or illegal).

15. Websites and links:

  • We do not allow members of our REMAG community to share website links or URLs that we deem to be inappropriate or that breach any of our REMAG community rules and guidelines.